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Learn more about the easiest ways to install the retaining wall drain systems and trench drainage systems

Any building has its underground part known as foundation. Even if the foundation of your house is rather shallow, it will suffer from the groundwater effect. And what if you decide to make a basement, or an underground garage, or even a cellar? You house will hardly stand for long without a drain system. The composition of groundwater always contains corrosive components. These components are able to destroy anything that gets in their way in a very short time. No interior and exterior means of waterproofing will help you. That’s where you may need a professional help.

The underground part of your house is always under constant pressure of water, especially in winter and spring when the snow is melting. The periods of heavy rains can also affect the foundation of any building. Tangential and normal components of such pressure may lead to the expulsion and displacement of the foundation. They may be a cause of all sorts of cracks and deformations in the foundation of your house. Once the corrosive destruction of the foundation takes place, the aggressive components of the groundwater start penetrating into the foundation. In order to eliminate this effect of water pressure, you need to install a deep drainage outlet at home. Without a good drain system, the lifetime of the foundation will not exceed 50 years. With a proper drainage outlet, the concrete foundation of your house will only grow stronger. Thus, the drain system is essential for any building. If you do not know how to install it properly, feel free to apply for these professional services.

Basically, there are two types of the drain systems. They are known as the retaining wall drain system and the trench drainage system. On the clay and loam soils, the trench drainage system is installed at a distance of 1.5 -3 meters away from the walls. In this case, there is an extra layer of clay between the drainage system and the walls of your house. This layer of clay prevents water penetration. In addition, if the system is laid at the depth of more than 0.5m below the low point of foundation, the water pressure will not have any effect on the foundation of your house. The trench drainage system is a rather inexpensive and very effective solution. It will reliably protect the foundation of your house against any water pressure, and will let you get rid of any water in the cellar or basement. At the same time, it is strongly recommended to hire the experts to install such complex drainage system.

The trench drainage systems are very effective in those cases when you do not have any basement or cellar. In all other cases, it is much more reasonable to install retaining wall drain systems. This type of the drainage systems is basically similar to the trench drainage systems. The only difference is that in the case of wall drainages systems you will have to dig up fully to the width of former pit. If you believe that you will not be able to do it yourself, you can always call for a professional help.