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Grease trap cleaning: a simple and effective way to protect the sewage from clogging

When it comes to the utilities, it is essential to ensure their continuity and reliability. Sewer networks are probably the most important life-supporting system for a variety of objects. Any accidents in the sewer systems are particularly critical for commercial organizations. Probably, the most wide-spread cause of such accidents is the clogged sewer pipes. The most complex kind of pollution is clogging the pipes with sedimentary fractions of oils and fats. These substances are always present in the effluent, and especially if the company deals with engineering, food processing or food service. It is quite hard to solve the problem by using this or that sort of detergents. A certain amount of fats may still get into the system. That’s why the owners of commercial organizations search for the grease trap cleaning services so often.

Oils and fats are always present on the walls of the sewer pipes. Over time, the thin oily film becomes thicker. Gradually, it mixes with other types of pollution and narrows the sewer pipes. Such solid blockage is very difficult to remove. In certain cases, the only way to restore the functioning of the sewage system is to disassemble the system or even to replace the pipes. In this regard, the grease trap cleaning is one of the most essential services. Any commercial organization may need this kind of services at some point. After all, the consequences of clogging can be very serious. In the worst case scenario such clogging can lead to the complete closure of the company. That’s why it is so important to protect the sewage system with the grease traps and to clean these traps from time to time.

Grease traps are designed to provide you with a smooth functioning of the sewage system, proper sanitary conditions of all your facilities, and the strictest compliance with the environmental safety. Different types of grease traps are now available on the market. They differ in design, performance, and intended use. However, any grease trap is installed directly under the sink or dishwasher. It can be used for small catering. Other devices are designed to protect multiple effluent sources.  But still, any of these devices require regular grease trap cleaning. The good news is that this kind of services is now available to all the homeowners and commercial organizations.

Basically, all grease traps consist of two chambers. One chamber is needed for pre-sedimentation and purification. Another is needed for the final cleaning. As the grease trap fills with the contaminants, it should be cleaning. In order to perform such grease trap cleaning, you will have to remove a special cover from the device. Despite the apparent simplicity of this grease trap maintenance, a number of problems can occur during this operation. For instance, you can forget to clean or check the equipment. You can forget to clean the surface without removing the deposited contaminants. The qualified experts, in their turn, will accomplish this task successfully and in the shortest time. Therefore, you can easily avoid any unpleasant moments related to the cleaning process.