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Oil/water separators as a way to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce your expenses

If mishandled or improperly treated, condensate is a serious threat to the environment. Just one liter of condensate can contaminate one million liters of pure water. The most industrialized countries are known to discharge condensate from the oil-lubricated compressors to the common sewage system. The environmentally safe disposal of condensate is now required by the law. Therefore, the separation technologies are very important these days. Compressed air is the waste product of the oil-lubricated compressors. Together with the vapor, condensed moisture and various contaminants, it contains the evaporated oil. This oil condenses with moisture and forms a water-oil condensate. In order to avoid the formation of this condensate, you may want to ask the experts to install the oil/ water separators.

Condensate can be formed both in the compressor and in the pipeline. The presence of oil in the condensate does not allow the water to drain directly into the sewer. The ratio of oil and water makes it incredibly expensive to directly dispose of such waste products. At the same time, the conditions of modern industry require the most responsible approach to the disposal of this water-oil condensate. Failure to process this condensate may result in fines and criminal penalties. In this regard, installation of the oil/water separators is a much more affordable option, and especially if the separator is installed by the professionals. An oil/water separator is an integrated system required for the proper condensate handling. It can be used to effectively allocate the oil from condensate with the minimum costs and maximum utilization of the treatment plant.

It is essential to comply with the basic rules and regulations as to the low pollution of the wastewaters. There are certain standards of the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of various substances which can pollute the spillways. Generally, the limit value of pollutants is determined by the conditions in a specific location. In any case, any disposal of the wastewaters containing industrial oil to the municipal sewage is prohibited almost everywhere. These rules ensure proper protection of the environment. Likewise, the properly installed oil/water separators should meet the stringent requirements for the wastewaters. And in order to install such separator properly, you may need to hire a professional engineer.

Typically, the oil content in the compressed air condensate is several times higher than any limit values. There may be two approaches to this problem. The first option involves the transfer of condensate to the organizations specializing in the waste management. This is a costly option, because the percentage of the oil content in any condensate is very small. In this case, a much better option is to install the oil/water separators. These separators allow you to make all necessary processing of condensate at low cost. The modular structure of these devices suggests that they will provide you with the best efficiency in terms of acquisition and service. However, in order to achieve the best possible results, it is essential to install the separator properly. And that is a good reason for you to ask the professionals to carry out this task.