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Why you or your company may need to call for the pumping & Vactor service

In the situations where the sewage or drainage systems are located below the level of sewer pipes, any forced evacuation of sewage is organized by using special pumping equipment. For instance, a special fecal pump is required if the sewage pipes has a fairly long length or due to the remote location of the septic tank. In this case, the gravity flow of the wastewaters is hampered and may cause stagnation of the sewage system. As a result, the sewage system clogs and stops functioning as intended. Consequently, the professional pumping & Vactor service is required.

Any sewage clogging is a real disaster for the homeowners. In order to cope with this disaster, an immediate action is required.  Cleaning of septic tanks is carried out by using special equipment designed for this particular kind of works. Special drainage wells may eliminate the necessity to call for the professional pumping & Vactor service. These wells are designed to remove the cleaned wastewaters to the groundwater layer. Vactor trucks may be used in case of emergency or if you need to dispose of the wastewaters accumulated in the septic tanks, composting toilets, car washes and other structures that require periodic disposal of the wastewater. This kind of machinery is equipped with pumps and tanks. The volume of these tanks may differ depending on the model of the truck. In case you can choose from different options, it is recommended to opt for those trucks that have a pump and a septic tank at the same time. With this machinery, you can carry out any sort of pumping and cleaning the sewage pipes from blockages and deposits.

Hydrodynamic cleaning allows you to flush the drains by using a high pressure hose. After such treatment, all the wastes are removed to a septic tank. All liquid wastes are virtually sucked by the machine and taken to the nearest recycling station. In this case, pumping & Vactor service can be regarded as a preventive measure. You can call for this service without waiting for the sewage system to clog. Pumping, in its turn, is carried out by using a vacuum pump. Such method of cleaning is the most friendly to the environment, and especially if the autonomous sewer system is organized. For this kind of works, all pumping equipment requires the easiest access which is usually designed at the pre-construction phase. After the pumping works are finished, the Vactor truck transports all wastes to the nearest recycling station.

You should not wait until the septic tank overflows. In this case, the unpleasant odor may fill the rooms.  And given the fact that you can always call for the professionalpumping & Vactor service, it is strongly recommended to do it before the septic tank gets filled with the wastewaters. In case the wastewaters contain large and solid pieces of waste, the pump must be used to clean the sewage system. The design of any Vactor truck includes a special shredder which processes various solid wastes, and thus prevents the sewage or drainage system from clogging.