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What you need to know about proper installation, maintenance, and operation of the sanitary sewer systems

We all know how unpleasant the odors from the sewer system can be. In order to prevent them from coming straight to your rooms, you must properly install the sanitary sewer system. Likewise, the system must be protected with special sewer ventilation. After all, this system receives the wastewater from all sanitary faucets in your house, including sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and so on. As a result of a variety of biological processes in the wastewater, the sewer system may give you the most disgusting odors. If you want to stop them from getting into your rooms, you may need to create different obstacles on their way. However, to do it correctly, you need to have certain skills and knowledge. In case you do not have such experience, the best option for you is to opt for the professional services.

The so-called water slide or siphon can and must be installed next to all of your sanitary faucets. The siphon is an appropriately curved section of a sewer pipe with a small amount of water in it. If all the sections of this pipe are filled with water, it will be impossible for the water to freely flow out of it. The water will form a barrier, and this barrier will stop the odors from the sanitary sewer system from getting inside your rooms. Please note that in case you are not using your sanitary faucets for a long time, the water from the siphon can eventually evaporate. And due to the fact that the water is not replenished, it is not enough to cover all sections of the pipe. In order to solve this problem, you just need a stopper. But if the problem is more serious than that, you may need to look for the professional services.

The siphon can eventually get empty even if you are using the sanitary sewer system regularly. Such situation may happen if the system is designed improperly and a lot of the sanitary faucets are linked together. If the siphon is not filled with water in a short time, the sewer odors will get into your rooms. Such situation should not occur if the system is properly designed, implemented and operated. In case you are not sure how to fulfill any of these tasks, feel free to ask for a professional help.

Proper connection of the sanitary faucets to the standpipe is a very important condition for the trouble-free operation of the sanitary sewer system. In order to do it properly, you should use the shortest path and all the faucets must be installed at a certain angle. You should not place any faucets between the toilet sink and the standpipe. The drains leaking from the toilet sinks can overlap all sections of the pipe, creating a water clog. Moving through the pipe, it will create a vacuum and suck the water out of the sanitary siphon. In order to avoid these and other problems with your sewer system, don’t hesitate to call the experts.