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All you need to know about innovative energy-saving systems, three-layer stacks and modern stack lines

The increased use of the facilities operating on oil has caused the emergence of new requirements for chimneys and stack lines. In addition to the static and fire resistance, the new chimneys and stacks must be resistant to acids. The emergence of such requirements, in turn, has lead to the creation of the two-layer stacks. The inner tube made of chamotte fulfils the requirements for acid resistance. The outer shell meets the requirements for static stability. Both of them provide fire safety.  One and two-layer stacks today are approved for operation. They are described in a set of technical regulations for single-layer stacks. However, this kind of stacks is virtually obsolete for the advanced energy-saving systems. Three-layer stacks, in turn, are much more complex to install. In most cases, you will need professional services to install them properly.

The energy crisis has led to a further development of the combustion technologies. Eventually, this has caused the emergence of new kind of boilers on the market. This new kind of boilers, however, requires another type of stacks. The three-layer stacks consist of the inner tube made of fire resistant clay and a special layer of insulation. This layer is needed to prevent the low-temperature gases from cooling. In this case, the gases are extracted through the roof without any damage to building structures. The use of thermal insulation is needed to ensure the required mobility of the inner tube. Proper installation of such complex stack lines are the main duty of the qualified engineers. In case of any difficulties with your stacks, you can always ask them for a help.

Enclosing parts of modern buildings are becoming denser, which creates a new demand for the chimneys and stacks. Modern stack lines are designed in such a way so that they could sustain any combustion. In such stacks, the inner thin-walled ceramic tube is surrounded by a layer of air that moves in the space between the ceramic tube and the outer shell. The outer shell is made of the lightweight concrete. Modern stacks are designed to avoid any unacceptable danger to humans. The main task of such stacks is to secure the roof by allocating any harmful components of the combustion products, which are then dispersed into the atmosphere. Maintenance and installation of these stacks have also become much more complex. In certain cases, the only way to maintain such stacks is to hire the qualified professionals.

Stack lines and chimney systems with integrated air-supply mines are meant to connect fuel combusting devices that operate in the air-independent mode. The scope of these universal systems covers a wide range of heating equipment for different types of fuel. They may be used for the relatively simple condensing boilers and the incredibly complex power plants. At the same time, even a simple condensing boiler must be properly insulated. When the complex installation takes place, it is very important to follow all safety rules and regulations. Likewise, all installation works must be carried out by the experts.