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Facts about fast and simple installation of toilet sinks and bath tubs at home

Toilet sinks & tubs installation must meet several important requirements. First of all, bathroom tubs must be placed at an angle towards the outlet. Secondly, the distance between the floor and the edge of the outlet must be at least 15 cm. In this case, the siphon and the outlet will be properly connected.  When setting the outlet, it is essential to remember about the rubber gaskets. The drain pipe and the outlet must be sealed in a usual manner by using a special linen bundle and then sealing the outlet with the grout. All these installation works must be carried out by the qualified experts. In case you do not have knowledge or skills to accomplish the task successfully, you can always opt for the professional services.

When hiring the qualified experts to help you with toilet sinks & tubs, you should keep in mind that there are certain rules and regulations as to the proper installation. For instance, when it comes to the vertical-sided bath tubs, they are mounted with their sides set firmly to the wall. The walls can be finished with the veneer tiles. To provide your bathroom with extra drainage in case of overflow, a special overflow pipe with the diameter of 25 mm is mounted outside the tub. An outlet with the diameter of 4 cm is inserted in the lower hole of the tub. Given the fact that the siphon must be cleaned every once in awhile, it is recommended to arrange special inspection hatch with a small door of 20×30 cm. In order to protect the area under the bath tub from any pollution, you may want to cover the tub with a special panel. This panel must be coated with white enamel.

Another thing to know about the toilet sinks & tubs is that if you live in a very small apartment or house, it is recommended to use one single mixer tap for both the sink and the tub. A single tap will replace two taps. Besides, modern faucets are relatively inexpensive. They are very easy to maintain. The only thing to remember here is that the cold water pipe should be on the right, and the hot water pipe should be on the left. Both pipes must be at the same height. Such installation works are quite easy to arrange. However, if think that you won’t be able to do it, you surely may want to ask for a professional help.

Installing the toilet sinks & tubs requires strict compliance with certain rules. Ceramic toilet sinks must be set on concrete or tile floors and fastened with dowels. Alternatively, they can be bonded to the floor.  In certain cases, it is possible to mount the toilet sinks on the taffeta. This kind of a wooden board must have extra holes for sockets. It should be embedded in the concrete. Proper installation of the ceramic toilet sinks is a complex work. If you are not prepared for such kind of work, you can always trust it to the qualified experts.