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Video inspection of sewage and pipes: what is it and how much does it cost?

In the modern world, the technologies are rapidly developing. And more and more of them are moving from a limited scope to a broader usage. Some of these technologies are now used in everyday life in order to solve problems such as repairs and maintenance of wells, sewage, and pipes. A good illustration of this statement is such popular technology as video inspections of sewage and pipes. This technology is widely used by commercial organizations and homeowners these days. But of course, video inspection is something that you can hardly do yourself. First of all, you may or may not have proper equipment. Secondly, you may not even know what to do with all the measurements. That’s where you may need a professional help.

Given that the video inspections are a fairly new type of research, a number of questions about this new service may arise. All these questions can be summarized in the following categories:

1. What tasks can be solved by this service?
2. Can this service be a solution to my problems?
3. How much does it cost?
4. When this service should be used?

Let’s try to answer all of these questions. Video inspections of the pipelines are an important component in the operation of these pipelines. Therefore, this service is recommended in the situations where:

–  The newly paved pipes are to be passed to the client. In this case, most of the clients want to be sure that there is no horizontal or vertical axial displacement, and that the integrity of the pipe is not broken.
–  You have been asked to inspect your water supply units.
–  In the even if sewer blockage happens too often.
–  If you suspect that there is a break, displacement or disconnection of pipes.
–  If you have all reasons to suspect that the pipes have been illegally cut.
–  If the scheme of inner pipes is missed or lost or if there is no scheme of the outdoor piping and you want to restore it.
–  If you suspect that some sections of piping is defective.
–  If the chimney or stack system is blocked and your ventilation is not working.

In all these and many other situations, video inspections services will be incredibly useful.

Video inspections of pipes, utilities, chimneys, or sewage are arranged by using miniature video cameras. These small cameras move inside the pipes and transmit the examined image to the operator panel for recording and viewing in real time. Today, there are only two types of the systems used for this kind of services. In the first cases, the cameras of small and medium diameters are used to study the pipes. In the second cases, the robotic systems are used. The robotic systems are mainly used for examinations of the external pipelines of larger diameters. Video cameras are mounted on the self-propelled platforms and are controlled from the operator panels. Please note that the possibilities of any video inspection system can be limited by the maneuverability of this system.