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How to organize the installation of plumbing in Stoneham, MA

When planning to install plumbing Stoneham, it is really important to know who and how will do this installation. In fact, it is really important to know that installation is done by a licensed plumber Stoneham. Some customers believe that it is enough for a plumber to have a wrench and scissors for cutting metal and plastic. Some of them do not know that it is unacceptable to wall up the threaded connections, because in a year or so these connections will leak and there will be a need to break the wall to fix the problem. And the truth is that many plumbers are very reluctant to make any alterations to the already-existing water supply systems, because it is much more difficult to remake something than to do it from scratch. Any system that is bricked into the walls should be maintenance-free. In other words, soldering, welding or press connection must be applied.

Press connection is a kind of connection with a sleeve of stainless steel crimped with force of 3.2 kilo Newton’s thus making a one-piece and non-demountable connection of fitting and plastic pipe. This type of connection is suitable for the concealed plumbing. It is maintenance-free and can be easily immured in the walls.  Another type of connection is known as a connection with collets. Collets are the sleeves with screw-nuts. Due to the tightening of the screw-nuts, the pipe and fitting become more compact. This connection is usually enough for no more than 2-3 years, and then it loses its efficiency because of the temperature drops. As a result of temperature drops, the screw-nuts get weakened and begin to undermine the connection. This type of connection must be accessible for maintenance and is used for the outer mounting. A licensed plumber Stoneham can do this and many other types of plumbing connections.

Quality installation of plumbing must include the protection of pipes from the external factors. These factors include corrosion, condensation, mechanical damage, heat losses, the abrasive friction, and stray currents. In order to protect the pipes, a qualified plumber Stoneham uses such materials as protective bellows, pen-flex, plastic insulation coatings, petroleum bitumen, and electrical protection methods. If there is a boiler room in your house or if the boiler distributes water to more than one building, you should seriously consider the necessity to insulate pipes, because heat loss may lead to the most significant financial costs. For this purpose, it is best to use a ready-made plumbing route or other special insulation for pipes which is designed for the toughest operating conditions.

It is always a good idea to purchase plumbing fixtures from a licensed plumber Stoneham in advance. There are several reasons to do it long before plumbing will be installed. First of all, by the time when installation will be finished, the selected plumbing fixtures may be out of sale. In such a case, you will have to wait quite for a long time. Secondly, the plumber must know all technical specification of the existing plumbing.