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Plumbing in Swampscott, MA: how to select the right type of pipes

Before you call a qualified plumber Swampscott to install new plumbing in your house, you should decide which type of pipes you are willing to install. In order to choose the right type, you should take into account many factors, including operating conditions of plumbing, water temperature and ambient pressure of water, chemical composition of water, length of the route, service life of pipes, and financial possibilities of the customer. You may want to consider the following types of pipes:

Metal pipes are considered to be the most economical way to mount plumbing. These pipes are lightweight and non-corrosive. They are known for good heat resistance and are very easy to use. In addition, these pipes are very easy to bend. Bending radius should be no more than 3.5 to 5 pipe diameters, because when bent strongly, the inner layer of pipes may get damaged. To reduce the bending radius, a plumber Swampscott can use external and internal springs that will not let the pipe bend. With the right approach, these pipes should easily last for 10 to 15 years. So, the key to success is to have quality pipes and to install them properly by using a press-fit connection.

PEX pipes are the second most economical option of pipes for plumbing. This type of pipes is designed to replace the metal and plastic pipes. PEX pipes are very suitable for installation. They bend easily and are resistant to bends. They are not subject to corrosion and have a very low roughness. This type of pipes does not conduct electricity and has low thermal conductivity. In other words, there is almost no loss of heat with these pipes. When installed properly by a qualified plumber Swampscott, these pipes can serve for more than 50 years. PEX pipes are quite popular these days, because it is very easy to install them.

Polypropylene pipes are another popular type of plastic pipes, featuring high strength and durability. 85-90% of the homeowners prefer this kind of pipes when installing different types of water supply systems. Polypropylene is quite cheap and very fast to install. It has low thermal conductivity and there is no electrical conductivity. Polypropylene pipes are not resistant to ultraviolet and temperatures above 75° C, although they can withstand temperatures up to 95° C for a short time. The maximum service life of these pipes can be up to 50 years, depending on the quality of installation, the pressure of water and its temperature. With the high pressure and high temperature, the lifetime of the pipes is reduced dramatically. Installation of water pipes made of polypropylene is done by using boot-shaped solder.

When installing any type of pipes, the biggest part is played by the human factor. If the plumber is not very experienced, the pipes may look sealed off, but it is most likely that they will leak.   If there is any defect, even crimping of your water system will not help. That’s why you should be very careful when choosing a specialist to install plumbing. It is best to call a qualified plumber Swampscott to avoid any troubles and inconveniences.