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Step By Step Procedure Of How You Can Replace A Water Heater On Your Own

There are moments in your house when you want to take a quick warm shower but suddenly the water heater will not function. These frustrating moments tend to happen at a time when you have very few options in terms of calling upon some plumbing West End services. A good water heater should have regular maintenance but many people usually leave them to work away and only realize that the water heaters need maintenance when something has gone wrong with the water heating.

The best and safest thing to do when your hvac heating West End appliance has a problem is to call up a good plumber West End individual. However if for some reason you are unable to call up such a person, you might have to fix the water heater on your own.

When you go out there to look for a new water heater to replace your old one, it is important that you get a water heater with similar specifications. Get a water heater that uses the same power source. You might want a bigger water heater this time but it has got to run on the same energy that the previous water heater ran on. If the previous one used electricity, the new one should use electricity as well.

Before you install the heater, make sure the plumbing installation is fitted well. Look at the part of the plumbing that connects to the older water heater and makes sure it is free because this is where you will connect the new water heater. Make sure the inlet and outlet for the water from the heater are perfectly secured before you can begin to attach the new water heaters West End technology.

Make sure you turn off all the utilities that connect to the water heater before you can bring the new heater in place. Go ahead to drain the hot water tank by letting open the faucet that is nearest. Make sure as you drain the tank the sediment does not cause any kind of clogging of the drain valve. Do this by opening up the drain valve slowly.

Now go ahead to disconnect any of the utility lines that are supplying the water heater with energy. If you are using electricity, disconnect the line. If you are using gas, make sure you disconnect the line as well. Remove the old water heater and have the new unit brought where the old one was. As you bring your new hvac heating West End unit, make sure you are placing it exactly where the old one was. Move it in line with the plumbing that is exists and make sure everything is in perfect line as it was with the old heater.

After you have done this, install the new water heater’s fittings. There will be a number of fittings that come with the new unit; make sure you have them all installed appropriately. Make sure the pressure and temperature relief valve is installed and that the discharge drain pipe has been installed too. Now connect the lines that supply the hot water and those that connect the cold water. Connect the source of power and attach the flue in case you are using a gas water heater. Now turn on the water heater to make sure it is working.